Breast Cancer Awareness Special ~ October 27th at 2:00

Dear Listeners,

As a women’s network, it’s only fitting that we focus on topics that matter… to women…and to those that love us.

October brings awareness to two disturbing statistics that predominantly plague females, domestic violence affects one in every three and breast cancer one in eight. A sobering thought.

Earlier, this month, we spoke of domestic violence awareness, now let’s talk about breast cancer. Look around you, you have been directly touched by these two predators. A family member, friend or perhaps even your own life,  has been forever altered. We have to talk about it. We have to share our experiences for many reasons. We need to let other women know that they are not alone, make them more aware of the causes, the cures, the available treatments and to purge ourselves of the pain in having lost a loved one or going through the experience ouselves.

I dedicate this month to my friend Kat. I miss her daily and can still hear her laughter. Her wish was “that we all be kind to each other”. That was the legacy she wanted to leave. We all have a Kat. Hold on to her memory. I also have Mary, who is a survivor, I am grateful for that. She lives to play with her granddaughter. May we all be so blessed. Then there is Heidi. A woman I do not know well but liked instantly. She lives with cancer, knowing that it will not be long. These are strong women who love many and live (lived) life with such gusto and passion.

Please join us, on October 27th, as Dr. Stull and survivors share their stories. It will be followed by my interview with Kat, in 2016, and a three part series, with Shelter House, about domestic violence awareness, that we recorded last year.

Be kind.

Much Love,

Deborah St.Hilaire

Founder and CEO of The Divalution and