Jeanette Dinan

My name is Jeanette Dinan I have a passion for health and wellness!! Before moving to the Bay City area I lived in a small town of Clawson with my husband and our son who is now 15 years old. I worked at a doctor’s office as a CMA for years. Preparing The patient for the doctor to see them. I would review the patient’s medications, do EKGs, bone density testing, x-rays, bloodwork and injections!! you name it I did it there and I loved my job helping people!! It was sad to me when I saw people come in with a list of medications and then medications on top of the medications to counteract the side effects of the medications. So when I was introduced to essential oils it was such an eye-opener that there are things that you can use that God created us to use to heal our bodies in a natural way without side effects!! (now I am not against doctors) I just do not need to visit them as often since I have been using essential oils!! I have been studying the100%pure therapeutic grade essential oils and what they could do for your body and for your body systems and for your skin, for your overall health and would love to teach this information so please tune in… And let me share with you what I know “About those oils”.