We dedicate all of our October programming to Domestic Violence Awareness. Sadly, it is necessary to make you aware of the signs that someone you know is being abused mentally and/or physically.

1. They no longer return your calls or spend time with you. 2. They look sad and have an empty, far away look in their eyes and/or do not make eye contact. 3. Laughter is minimal. 4. Their drinking, eating and/or smoking habits may change. 5. Their weight may fluctuate. 6. The way they dress may change, in order to hide bruises. 7. They may begin missing work and other obligations.

These are just a few signs. Watch their children too, for they may exhibit the same symptoms.

Sadly, one out of fifteen women are victims of abuse and three women die, every day, at the hand of an intimate partner. Please reach out, in your local community to help a women’s shelter.

Our Founder, Deborah St.Hilaire, will be one of the key note speakers at The Women’s Center, in Bay City, on October 4th at 5:30. You are also invited to take part, in a march against domestic violence, on the 4th, at noon in downtown Bay City.