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A Quick Update!

Our sixth year has been a learning and growth period. We’ve watched the trends, paid attention to your listening habits,heard your suggestions and considered the exposure of our hosts and sponsors. There will be many changes in 2020, all with a crystal clear vision of where we want to go, how your experience feels and our impact on the world, both locally and globally. It is 2020, after all! We are heard in 56 countries, although most of or biggest fans are local. We’ve sadly said goodbye, as people move on and lives shift. We also happily welcome some old friends back and new friends aboard.

We’ve listened to you, resulting in changing our format into a podcast magazine with more video, guest blogging, more sponsor interaction, bringing back the Diva Deals and so much more. We are here for a purpose, to enlighten, entertain and educate Divas and those who love us. We care about the health of your body, mind and spirit.

Thank you for your continued listening, love and encouragement. Happy New Year!

As we prepare, for a new year, there will be no live shows until January 6th.

With great love, Deborah St.Hilaire, Founder of W4DIVAS.com

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