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Having Trouble Listening?

I’ve been hearing that some people are having a hard time getting the live stream to play, so maybe this will help. If you click on the play button and it gives you an error message…or it just won’t play…it means that your computer does not have compatible software. Underneath, the[…]

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Breast Cancer Awareness Special ~ October 27th at 2:00

Dear Listeners, As a women’s network, it’s only fitting that we focus on topics that matter… to women…and to those that love us. October brings awareness to two disturbing statistics that predominantly plague females, domestic violence affects one in every three and breast cancer one in eight. A sobering thought. Earlier,[…]

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We dedicate all of our October programming to Domestic Violence Awareness. Sadly, it is necessary to make you aware of the signs that someone you know is being abused mentally and/or physically. 1. They no longer return your calls or spend time with you. 2. They look sad and have[…]

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Leaves Are Changing and So Are We

Fall EventsLots of things are going on, at the Divalution and W4DIVAS.com, this fall. We have classes lined up nearly every Saturday, from Akashic Records (many lives,many lessons) with Mariah to Glitter Wine Bottles & Wine Tasting with Lynne. September 9th at 10:30 – Noon ~ “Journaling, Something For Everyone”[…]

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New Website 2017

We have decided to go with a new web company, the website has been re-designed from the ground up, with a different colour theme and easier navigation and layout. We will continue to update the new website regularly, so stay tuned for more updates. Thank you for your continued support.

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