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...now that I’ve got it...

Hey, how are you?

Are you coping well, staying pleasant, positive and productive? Ah, the three Ps of confinement.
I’m Coach Deb, offering a few suggestions to help you get through this, hopefully, unscathed, sane and family still in tack.
1. If you’re in a home alone, make certain to have daily face time with someone you love or work with. Why? It gets you out of your own head, especially if you’re an over-thinking worrier. We all need human contact, a different voice, face...we also need to be be seen and heard.
2.If you’re living with others...friends, family, significant other...allow yourself, and them, some private time. Maybe work on making a little gift, a card, write a letter...It will help you to retain your sense of self, your individuality and peace.

3. Meditate. If ever we needed to calm our monkey 🐒 minds, it now. Deepak Chopra is offering a free 21 days of Hope. Do it or choose from the billions offered on UTube!

4. Journal. What a wonderful opportunity to explore yourself. Get to know who you truly are and what you believe. I’m going to include reading a self-help book here as well...you can journal about the changes you want to make. A roadmap to a better you.

5. Learn something new. Anything. Have you always wanted to paint, do it! Classes are EVERWHERE! Check out Udemy or any other online learning platform. They are all offer huge discounts.

This will get your coping juices flowing.
If you need more, or are having a difficult time, please reach out to me at StrengthFromWithinTraining.com

Much Love, Coach Deb

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