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Beth Chorba

Bethany Chorba, Registered Nurse, Adjunct Instructor, Delta Community College Health & Wellness Division, American College of Sports medicine Certified Personal Trainer, Mad Dogg Athletics Certified Spinning Instructor, Piloxing Certified Instructor, WERQ Certified Instructor, Previous national Level NPC Fitness /Figure Athlete Bethany Chorba is leading the way in how busy, local professionals, and might I say, baby boomers, view and pursue their goals of health and wellness.

Her career in the health industry began over 30 years ago as a Registered Nurse, working in multiple Cardio Thoracic and Neurosurgical Intensive Care Units across the United States, including University of Michigan Medical Center. The progression of a genetic vision disorder created the need to repurpose her nursing knowledge and experience.

A personal love of fitness and genetics (Beth’s father was a state competitive power lifter), led Beth to Personal Training and the idea that perhaps prevention was to be her new role. Beth felt there was also a better way to get more from your gym and workout experience. She created Bay City Boot Camp LLC in 2007 followed by the opening of Base Camp Fitness Co. in 2012, both prompted by the idea that educated consumers want something more for the time and money spent chasing ‘fitness’.

They want personalized attention that leads to results, not to disappear into a sea of machines and cardio equipment and be one of the EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) herd.

Beth also currently holds a position as Adjunct Faculty at Delta Community College teaching in the Health and Wellness Division. If nothing else, she wants each individual to find THEIR OWN FIT, a way of becoming healthier that is ‘do-able’ for their own life circumstance.

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