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Deborah St. Hilaire

International best selling author and award winning speaker, Deborah St.Hilaire, is dedicated to uniting and empowering women of all ages.

She accomplishes this through her group and personal coaching with “Strength From Within Training”, workshops, live events and writing. Deb is the author of “Divalution, the Evolution and Revolution of The Diva”, founder of Divalution, The Divalution Project and W4DIVAS.com, an internet talk radio network for women.

She is the host of Diva Dialogue and The Divalution Show. Deb’s life mission and purpose is : “that women unite with one voice, that we discover our individual purpose and passion, that we know unconditional love and practice judgement free acceptance, that we work, together, for equal pay and global human rights.

That’s what The Divalution is all about.


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