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Jan & Aly McKee

Jan McKee, author of My Oola Journey, is a mother of 5, and Grandma of 6 fabulous kids, along with wife to her amazing husband.

In 2013, Jan was diagnosed with a condition that was a side effect of a medication she was taking. When she was given two more medications to counteract that condition, she started her quest to find a better way.

Jan now spends her days sharing the benefits of essential oils, and how these little bottles of goodness can promote a life filled with wellness, purpose and abundance.

Aly is Jan’s youngest daughter. Although she enjoyed the scent of the essential oils, she didn’t truly appreciate their value until she was pregnant with her daughter in 2015. Since then Aly has become a huge advocate for natural wellness. She loves to share with other young momma’s, and those struggling with cra-cra emotions.

Aly’s daddy passed away at her feet when she was only 15, leaving her in a whirlwind of emotions. Using a selection of essential oil blends specifically designed to support our emotions, Aly has discovered a new lease on life freeing her of the emotional chains that once held her.

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