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Karen Chaston

As a former corporate Chief Financial Officer, Karen Chaston brings a unique perspective; extensive business experience and hard-earned wisdom that she wished were available to her when she needed them.

Karen ran on the corporate treadmill until the day the world came tumbling down on her head. The constant effort of juggling work, family, the big house and cars, and the stress created by all that was taking its toll on her even before tragedy struck when her son died at a young age.

Karen’s suffering and disappointments became the catalyst for personal and spiritual growth, leading to her creating “Live Love By Design” on and offline programs, book, online TV show and podcast. For many women in business, we focus on money and profits. Karen’s strategic approach combines her life experience and financial expertise to assist women specifically, to heal from their major life events. Allowing them to easily shift their focus from stress and worry to freedom and joy.

Best of all, Karen’s Live Love By Design key notes and programs will make you laugh, cry and look at life from a completely new perspective. You will receive actionable systems you can take away and implement immediately whilst keeping you focused on the most important person in your life: YOU.

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