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Kat Sturtz

Kat Sturtz has a passion for working with struggling home-based solopreneurs and small business owners to figure out what really has them stumped, stuck, or stalled in building a more profitable business and happy life. Highly intuitive, she helps clients and followers bridge the gap between what they know or think they should do and getting it done, even with limited time, money, and resources. The key, she says, is learning to rock your unique path to success so you can prosper with passion and purpose.

Since 2007, Kat has been a full-time innovative business life mentor. and The Purgatory Relief Coach for People Who Think Marketing Is Hell. Kat is the owner and founder of 56 Vibes Services and RockingYourPath.com.

Bonus Fun Fact: Kat Sturtz served 7 years as a volunteer deputy on the Sanilac County Sheriff's Posse, which included some training with the Detroit Mounted Police. She was the unit's first female in its 20 year history, and the only female her first three years.

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