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Libby Rapin

Libby is a wanderer at heart, date lover (as in the food!), personal growth enthusiast and certified Primordial Sound Meditation Coach. After feeling like her life was spinning out of control due to a myriad of personal, work and health related circumstances, Libby began exploring medicinal treatments that focused on both the mind AND body. She began meditating and soon realized its powerful healing effects. Libby became determined to share this ancient technique with others, so decided to study meditation under Deepak Chopra and his lead educators at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA.

She is now on the adventure of a lifetime, exploring the world, discovering her purpose, deepening her spirituality, immersing herself in new cultures and expanding her knowledge of the mind body connection. Libby is a woman on a mission who is helping individuals experience more joy, love and compassion by creating awareness about the benefits of mindfulness and the negative effects stress has on the body both physically and emotionally.

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