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Marcus Guiliano

“There is a direct correlation to healthy food and healthy planet” Chef Marcus Guiliano.


The food I’m talking about is wholesome handmade family farmer grown, not mass factory farmed crap that is chemically infused and digestion confused. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then just take a looksy on most of the grocery store shelves. This stuff is not food, it’s just wrong to eat this stuff. The health I’m talking about is choosing the best options when you have to and planning the best options the rest of the time.

I don’t care if you are vegan or a meat eater, I will show you better options in your realm. You don’t need to give up meat, dairy or sweets to improve your health. But personally I like the pH way of eating, e-mail me if you want more info at chefh@mac.com.

As professional chef I have seen and/or participated in many diets over the years. And yes I like wine and beer. But I like the stuff that made with passion. I am not a fan of mass produced anything. I want to feel the love from the producers heart when I consume. I don’t want a full page ad to tell me how I am supposed to feel. Passion and love are made together so enjoy then together.

Tony Robbins says “live with Passion” Gary Vaynerchuck says “Cash in on your Passion” I’m just a passionate restaurateur that is going to give you my insight on clean, green & healthy. Join me on the fun journey. And I’m saying, “Eat, Drink & Vitalize with Passion”

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