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Jamie & Marcus Guiliano

“There is a direct correlation to healthy food and healthy planet” Chef Marcus Guiliano.
Chef Marcus and Jamie Guiliano are dedicated to sharing their passion for real food and living a balanced lifestyle.
The couple opened the First Certified Green Restaurant in New York State in 2003. Chef Marcus has been named Top 5 Food Activist Making a Change.  Their restaurant, Aroma Thyme Bistro, is the Hudson Valley’s most awarded restaurant. It has even received international accolades, from Luxury Life Magazine (UK), naming it New York State’s Best Farm to Table Restaurant.
Chef Marcus had experienced several health challenges in his mid to late 20’s.  This was a result of eating the food that he was cooking at very prestigious restaurants.  “The food tasted amazing, but eating it every day wasn’t part of a balanced lifestyle. After altering my diet I was able to stop taking a handful of medicines.  The biggest win for me was becoming asthma-free after a life long dependence on inhalers and steroids.”
Chef Marcus quickly learned how to make gourmet quality food from the purest ingredients with minimal manipulation.
Jamie and Marcus want to share all they have learned since their journey began in 1999.
“We don’t care what diet you follow or believe in we want to provide the information to bring you to the next level”, says Jamie.
Eat, Learn and Live with Chef Marcus and Jamie
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