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Our New Normal

We, here at W4DIVAS, hope that you are safe and healthy. We are currently doing our scheduled live shows on Facebook.  I just don’t have the necessary equipment to do them live from home and we have been having some fun doing a different way. Change is often good and[…]

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Checking In

Hey, how are you? Are you coping well, staying pleasant, positive and productive? Ah, the three Ps of confinement. I’m Coach Deb, offering a few suggestions to help you get through this, hopefully, unscathed, sane and family still in tack. 1. If you’re in a home alone, make certain to[…]

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Times, They Are aChanging

“Gather round people, wherever you roam.. you better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone… -Bob Dylan As I am currently housebound, the studio computer is with me but not playing nice. As a result, we are forced to change the way we do things…so…this is how it will[…]

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Happy 7th To Hampton Auto Repair

Congratulations to Hampton Auto Repair who is celebrating their seventh year in business. All of the divas brag about their level of service and the way they are treated. We appreciate Danny Schingeck and his lovely wife Sarah for all they do for the community and are happy to them[…]

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Meet Melissa

Welcome Melissa Teel Hartman

Meet Melissa Teel-Hartman, owner of Heart and  Soul Healing Arts in Rapid City, South Dakota. She is such a welcome addition, full of love and passion for what she does,  with  a desire to teach, coach and guide us in this journey. She will be recording a new show every[…]

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Welcome Marcus and Jamie

We are just thrilled to have our old friend, and favorite chef, Marcus Guiliano back with  his lovely wife Jamie joining him on a brand new show, “Chef On A Mission, Eat, Live, Learn”. Marcus was with us from the beginning. He’s reformatting and teaming up with his wife for[…]

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A Quick Update!

Our sixth year has been a learning and growth period. We’ve watched the trends, paid attention to your listening habits,heard your suggestions and considered the exposure of our hosts and sponsors. There will be many changes in 2020, all with a crystal clear vision of where we want to go,[…]

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Over The Pond

Well…it looks like our website streaming is down. We are working on getting it fixed. Everything is fine on our end, so our website man, in the UK, is taking a look at the problem over there. Please listen to our archived shows and we’re sorry for the inconvenience. We[…]

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Yeah! We Are Up and Running

Wow! That was an experience. The good news is, everything is updated and new. The computer has two additional GB of hard drive, the programs have been updated and I learned a lot! Sometimes life throws us a curve ball…that was a doozie…but its done. I swung at it a[…]

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