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W4Divas Goes Oola

Six years ago, two doctors wrote a book "Oola, find balance in an unbalanced world"... Dr. Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils, got ahold of it through a friend of his wife's...and the rest is history. There are now seven essential oil blends, based on the seven Fs of Oola, and the Oola Guys are riding around in an old 60 something van. collecting dreams.

Not only did Dr. Dave, the Oola seeker, do an interview on W4DIVAS {listen to Diva Dialogue on July 9th}, but we also got to meet both of them!

It was like an old fashioned field trip. Off to Frankenmuth we went...to learn and enjoy. We did both!

Now, we're even more passionate about spreading nature's gift of essential oils. If you want to know more, please stop in or email us. We would love to share. We also have classes, offer support and just love the way Young Living Essential Oils support our healthy lifestyle.

Thanks Oola Guys!!! Visit The Oola Guys to make your life more oola-filled!

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