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Yeah! We Are Up and Running

Wow! That was an experience. The good news is, everything is updated and new. The computer has two additional GB of hard drive, the programs have been updated and I learned a lot!

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball...that was a doozie...but its done. I swung at it a few times, before I hit it, but luckily, I had coaches who helped me. Thank you to Josh Sharrow, the Diva Dude and to Josh Maura.

More good news...it's spring! Look for our class schedule starting up again!

Thigs will continue to improve. Another good change is that you can now access the archives from the app. If you haven't  downloaded it yet,  please do and tell your friends!

Thank you for your support and for listening to W4DIVAS. Please tell your friends.

We're always lookin for new sponsors and shows, so let us know if you you're interested.



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